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Please note that OPD Consultancy Services are open for Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) during the lockdown period.
Consultation with following specialists over telephone is available only for Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) during the lockdown period from 9.00 A.M to 5.30 P.M. only

Topics Contact Official Contact Number
Consultation for advice on Stump Care, Pressure sore management,  Bladder issues and other medical advice Dr. A. Equebal
Dr. S. Pati

Consultation for advice on CTEV Plaster management and other surgical advice Dr. F.H. Mullick
Consultation for Therapeutic advice on Cerebral Palsy  and Activities of Daily Living Mr. P. Bajpai 9433098374
Consultation for  Therapeutic advice on Movement Disorder , Spinal cord injuries, Hemiplegia and other Neurological Disorders Mr. P. Kumar 9432772738
Consultation for Maintenance of Artificial Limbs, Callipers, Wheel Chair and Crutches etc.   Dr. P. Lenka 9433175340
Consultation for Social and Psychological Counselling  Mr. N. Roychoudhury 9123825498
Emergency requirement of Wheel chair and Other Mobility Aids under ADIP Scheme Ms. Poly Ghosh 7602857320

Home Care

1. Preventive measures for Lower Limb orthosis or Caliper 
2. Maintenance of Trans-femoral Prosthesis or Above Knee Artificial Limb
3. Diabetic foot care management
4. Bed sores & ADL management
5. Parent handling techniques for children with cerebral palsy
6. Parent’s guide to use  “Foot Abduction splint” for clubfoot treatment
7. The Corona Virus Awareness For Divyangjan
8. General Maintenance of Prosthesis and Orthosis in Lock Down Period in Covid-19
9. Home Exercise for Position in Post Stroke Hemiplegia 
10. Home Exercise for Post Stroke Hemiplegia 
11. Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis in Cerebral Palsy 
12. Functional Independence through adopting devices in Spinal Cord Injury 
13. Wheel Chair Transfer Techniques for Paraplegia 
14. Neck Exercises at home during lock down period on pandemic COVID-19 
15. Tips for parents to spend quality time at home with children with special needs during lock down period 
16. Common Shoulder Exercise 
17. Common Low Back Exercise 

18. Common Knee, Ankle & Foot Exercise 
19. Suggestions to use Aids and Appliances at Home 
20. Home based Training of CWSN in lockdown Period 
21. Home Maintenance and Wearing of Spinal Orthosis on Scoliosis during Lock Down Period on Covid-19 
22. Tips For Safety and Preventive Measure Taken For Orthosis in Post Stroke Hemiplegia 
23. Common Self Stretching Exercises 
24. Common Home Exercises for Muscular Dystrophy Patient 
25. Common Home Exercises for CTEV Patient 
26. Common Home Exercises for Wrist & Hand Problem 
27. Common Home Exercises for Ankylosing Spondylitis  
28. Common Hip Exercise  
29. Home Care Program for Children with Cerebral Palsy(CP) 
30. Preventative Maesures and Infection Control in Artificial Limb on Covid-19 
31. Maintenance of Assisitve device at Home on Covid-19 
32. Home based preventive measures and maintenance of Artificial Hand in Bengali on Covid-19 
33. General guidelines for Persons with Lower Limb Amputation using Prosthesis 
34. Common Home Physiotherapy for CP Patient  
35. Common Home Physiotherapy for Persons with Lower Limb Amputation 
36. Common Home Exercises for Parkinson's Disease 
37. How to develop eye contact in parents with autism 
38. Common Home Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient 
39. Spinal Orthosis Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
40. Below Knee Prosthesis Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
41. Care for Children with Autism  
42. Common Home Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis Patient 
43. Mobility Aids Care in Covid-19 
44. Wheelchair and Tricycle Care in Covid-19 
45. Knee Prosthesis Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
46. Artificial Limb Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
47. Knee Orthosis Care and Maintenance During Lock 
48. Walking Stick Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
49. Tricyle Care and Maintenance During Lockdown  
50. Common Breathing Exercises for Patient suffered from COVID-19 
51. Developing Cognitive Concepts Among Preschoolers by Using Home Based Teaching Learning Material 
52. hearing aid care and maintenance at home( Hindi) 
53. Common Home Exercises for Post Stroke Hemiplegia
54. Awareness Video on Rehabilitation & COVID-19