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Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy
'Occupation' in true terms means a person's profession and 'occupational' means connected with once occupation.

In occupational therapy occupation refers to, those dominant activities in which the person spends most of his time and which are meaningful and productive to that person.

These activities are used as the means of treatment in Occupational therapy to make a person maximally independent in his task of daily living. e.g.- A child who has not developed his physical/ functional activities as per age, say, he/she is not able to stand even at the age of two years, then by using various approaches of occupational therapy he can be assisted to achieve this developmental milestone.


A person diagnosed as HIV positive not only becomes a museum of diseases but also loses function and independence in self care, work, leisure and interpersonal relationships, which is a cause of great stress in them.

Occupational therapy works to improve and maintain function through teaching new techniques to perform a job, providing tools which facilitate independence in personnel care, reducing environmental barriers and providing resources to lessen stress. Thus we see that OT defers from other treatment methods in treatment procedures.

Occupational therapy helps in maintaining the physical skills of a person with disability, assist a person with disability to move from dependence to independence, maximize personal productivity, well being and quality of life.
Job of Occupational therapists
Occupational therapists are those who are certified at the professional level after the completion of AIOTA recognized 4 years of bachelor degree course and registered with All India Occupational therapists' Association.

Occupational therapists work with persons with physical and mental disability like stroke, spinal cord injuries, amputation, childhood deformities, cerebral palsy, mental sub normality, in the rehabilitative phase of mental illnesses etc.

Occupational therapy uses purposeful activities which go with the interest of the patient to help that patient develop or regain skills necessary for play, work, self and home care.

They work with their patients residual abilities and help them to achieve them the things which are most important to them. Occupational therapist help people throughout the life span accomplish their daily living tasks, learn new skills, adapt to permanent loss, fulfill their life roles, and participate fully in life.

Occupational therapists, also recommend adaptations in the tools, equipments, implements utensils, clothing etc, in order to facilitate the independence and improve the functional performance of the patient.
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